10 Ideas and Tips for the Best Photo Slideshows

10 tips and ideas for the best photo sldieshow

If you’ve been in the slideshow making game for a while you probably know most of the things we are going to talk about but if you’re new to it you may be falling into a few common traps. If that’s the case or you are just looking for a few new ideas for your next slideshow then we suggest you keep reading.

Here are our Top 10 tips and ideas to improve your next photo slideshows:

Choose your audience

1. Know Your Audience.

By far the most important thing you need to consider before even starting your slideshow is your audience. Where will you be showing your slideshow and who will see it? Everything about your photo slideshow should be based on your audience, the length, the number of photos/videos used, the number of and type of songs you use and so on. A wedding slideshow for example should be limited to 4 songs and around 150 photos. A part or birthday slideshow should be half as long.

Best picture quality

2. Photo Quality. This one is very basic and is also one of the things most first time slideshow makers get horribly wrong. Photos can have various quality issues like cracks, bad colors, spots or bag lighting. With a good software and some time these can be fixed. One issue that cannot is having a grainy picture. The best thing is to take clean, high resolution photos from the get go.

Organize photos

3. Picture Order. This one depends a lot on the type of slideshow you intend to create. If you’re making a slide show about a person then perhaps a chronological order would be best. If it’s something artistic perhaps a thematic order (spring, summer, autumn, winter). What you want for your photo slideshow is to tell a story, to create a sense of nostalgia or interest so make sure to order your pictures in such a way as to drive interest and emotion forward.

4-choosing music

4. Music Choice. Personal taste plays a large role in the song choice for your slide show. There are however a few guidelines you can take into account:

– Songs with lyrics are best for slideshows about a person;
– Longer slideshows work best with a mix of songs;
– Business slideshows go well with a light and upbeat track;
– Create a rhythm for your slideshow. Start light, go dramatic and end on an epic note;
– Don’t go for the obvious, well known songs. Go deeper. (think favorite songs or songs with a special meaning)
– Songs have different versions. The electric version may be a better fit than the acoustic.

Choose your song well and it can do the story telling by itself. Music is the best way to transfer emotion to your audience so don’t breeze through this step.


5. Narrate Your Slideshow. A sure way to make your slideshow stand out and to have it make a great impression on the people that will see it is to use a personal voice recording while the photo gallery is playing. You can use your mobile phone or your PC mic to record your voice. Create something special, Narrate!


6. Add Video to the Mix. Add some action to your slideshow by mixing in some short video clips in between your images. It will take some effort to find the right clips, cut them properly and edit the slideshow so everything fits but the end product will be more dynamic and more certainly harder to forget.


7. Add Quotes or Poems. If you really want to add a personal touch to your picture slideshow it’s a good idea to add captions to your photos. You have plenty of options, from famous quotes to funny or deep lines spoken by the person in the slideshow. Even a short poem can be used to spice up your slideshow. Just don’t overdo it.


8. Make it Personal. If you’re making the slideshow as a gift it will be even more special if you add personal elements. Even something small that shows that you put some thought into this project will go a long way. For example you could add a signature, a photo or just about anything that defines you.

Great ending

9. Have a Great Ending. Your slideshow should be a journey. And every great journey deserves a great ending. There are a few ways of going about the ending, depending on the feeling you’re going for. You can do a dramatic finale during the crescendo of an expertly chosen song or finish with a funny bloopers reel. Just make sure that the ending fits the narrative.

Back up your original files

10. Back-up your work. When creating slideshows or editing videos It’s a very good idea to keep your original material in a separate folder. This includes images, videos and music. Just in case something terrible were to happen. Then if something doesn’t fit or you simply want to make a change you can do it in an instant.

With all that being said, it’s time to get to work on your next slideshow. Stick to our tips, use one or two of the ideas mentioned above and your next showing will be a hit. And remember to use PhotoSnack’s slideshow maker to bring all your ideas to life.

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