5 Online tools for photo slideshow embedding

Tools to embed photo slideshows

Are you in currently looking for the absolute best way to create and embed photo slideshows or galleries online? Well, we have the answer! There is NO best way to do it. Unexpected answer? Maybe, but the truth is there are many ways in which you can create and embed your photo slideshows each with some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go through some of the best choices.

Google Photos, aka the former Picasa

A very easy to use solution, with Google Photos you can quickly upload your photos and create albums. Best of all it’s connected to your Google account and everyone should have one by now. The downside is that you can only download GIF slideshows that you can add to a website later. You can create slideshows as well but there doesn’t seem to be an embed option. Here’s what it looks like:


Flickr, good but with workarounds

This is also a good option and the advantage here is that the end result will not be a GIF image. It will however be a Flash slideshow and will require you to install a quick browser plugin. That part solves itself unfortunately because Flash is no longer supported, as the industry is moving towards HTML5. Also to create a slideshow with Flickr you need a manual workaround.

How to do it? Create an account, then create an album and upload your photos. Go to the album and at the end of the URL add /show. This will take you to the slideshow. Go to share from the top right corner button and grab the embed code for your photo gallery and paste it into your page.

Here’s how it looks like:. I also suggest copying only the embed part of the code.

Photosnack, better customization

While Google Photos and Flickr can create slideshows it is not their main purpose. A specialized tool would be better. This is where Photosnack comes in. It is designed specifically for the task of creating embeddable photo slideshows. There are extra advantages as well like: more customization options, HTML5 format or video format are available.

Here’s how a photo gallery embed from Photosnack looks like.

Photobucket, great for slideshows, image hosting & more

Originally i used Photobucket exclusively for photo sharing and hosting but it can create cool image slideshows as well as many other things. It’s a very complex tool and compared to other on this list it also has a simple but effective image editor that you can use to enhance your images before creating the slideshow.

Here’s how a photo gallery embed from Photobucket looks like:

Flipsnack, for a more realistic feel

Last on our list is a different type of online service that will make your image galleries stand out in a different way. Flipsnack lets you embed PDFs as realistic HTML5 flipbooks. These are great if you want something different for your website than the standard slideshow.

Here’s how a Flipsnack embed would look like:

As you can see, there are a lot of options at your disposal if you want to create slideshows that can be embedded into websites. In my humble opinion out of all of the ones listed above Photosnack can create the cleanest and most easily customisable slideshows.

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