How to make a Slideshow with Music – Choosing the Right Song


One thing we are asked frequently is “How to make a slideshow with Music?”. And that’s a very good question because a slideshow without music is incomplete, like having a house without a roof. Creating a great slideshow with the perfect background song requires only a bit of research and time and some creativity.

How to choose the right slideshow music:

The perfect slideshow song should capture the mood you are trying to convey to your viewers, it should create emotion around your message and should drive the slideshow forward. Movie directors will often tell you that a good song can make or break a video. The same principle applies to your slideshow.

Mood and Feelings:

The song you choose sets the mood of the video and adds energy to your entire production. It’s important to know what sound to choose.The music you choose for your slideshow has the power to make your viewer cry or burst into laughter. There are many websites such as that allow you to choose your music based on mood, energy, instruments and other factors. We suggest:

Marmoset Music;
Premium Beat;
Shutterstock Music.

The appropriate music genre:

If you’re not going for a mood themed background music you can go with a regular song, with or without lyrics. The trick here is to choose the right genre for your video. For example you wouldn’t want a country song for your accounting firm’s presentation slideshow. Ideally you want your music and images to create a feeling that will lead your viewer to take the appropriate action. Here are some suggestion for genre for some types of slideshows:

Business presentation – a light and upbeat song;
Family album – a classic song with the appropriate lyrics like “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong or “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle;
Nature slideshow – an instrumental only soundtrack;
Area specific – for example for a Jamaican inspired restaurant you would want a reggae song, for country BBQ place a country song, and so on.

Songs with lyrics:

Lyrics have a lot of power. You can tell entire stories with the right song but we suggest you choose one with a universal message, a song that is not so specific that only some of the viewers will relate to. As a tip regarding songs with lyrics, we suggest you only use them for slideshows and videos without voice-overs.

Staying in the background:

Most of the times, the best slideshow music is the one that you didn’t know was there until after you finished watching it. Keeping your song in the background is especially important if your slideshow or video also has a voice recording. And not only vocals can get in the way of your recording, even a piano part of whistling can do this. Make sure the music you choose for your slideshow complements the visual part and doesn’t take attention away from it.

We hope this helped you know more about how to choose the right slideshow music and your future publications will capture the hearts of your viewers with an expertly chosen song.


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