HTML5 Slideshows & The End of Flash

Flash vs HTML5 Slideshows

HTML5 and Flash are two very similar technologies that often get compared. Some would say there is even a war between them. Or at least there was for a while. Others would say it’s more of a transition than a war. At least that’s how it’s been for PhotoSnack. We started our journey with Flash but with the recent developments in the industry we have transitioned to HTML5 slideshows. Read further to find out why:

Difference between HTML5 and Flash:

Comparing HTML5 and Flash is somewhat akin to comparing apples to oranges. For over a decade Flash was the only technology that would let you add rich audio and video content online until HTML5 was created. One of the advantages of HTML5 is its compatibility with mobile devices. This combined with the multitude of Flash players requires for older flash technologies has contributed to the rise of HTML5. Once you make your own html5 slideshow you will see what we mean by allowing you to add rich media such as: audio and video* (to be released soon).

There are also other advantages HTML5 has over Flash such as:

  • • Lack of requirement for a player to be installed;
  • • It runs better on mobile devices and is less taxing on battery life;
  • • Better run speed on different platforms;
  • • Is supported by iOS;
  • • Can provide a different experience based on browser.

Obviously there are some disadvantages to this technology. The most obvious one is that it’s a newer technology and the support is limited while for Flash that has been around for the last 10 years that’s not the case. There are also some browsers that do not natively support HTML5 like Internet Explorer, at least any version before version 9.

The End of Flash and Rise of HTML5:

Because of this we still believe that Adobe Flash is in it’s final stretch. In early 2015 Adobe even said they encourage content creators to stop using Flash. They also discontinued support for their flash players. To make things even more official Google Adwords has stopped allowing advertisers to use Flash banners in their display campaigns starting from the 30th of June 2016, suggesting they should switch to HTML5. So as we can see it, the world is shifting towards HTML5 and so are we. This is why we switched our editor from Flash and now allow you to create HTML5 slideshows.

How to make HTML5 Slideshow:

As far as your experience in PhotoSnack is concerned it’s as easy to create an HTML slide show as it was to make a flash one. The process is the same, the end result is the same as far as aesthetics go, the only thing that has changed is below the surface. This means that whatever you could do or add in a flash slideshow you will be able to add to an HTML5 photo gallery in PhotoSnack. Additionally in time we will also add more features, allowing you to combine images and video, add more impressive transitions, add text to your images and add effects to your pictures. As the new html technology grows so will PhotoSnack, bringing you more tools to help you make better and better slide shows.

You should try it for yourself. Click on the button below to start your very own HTML5 photo slideshow, website slider or photo gallery.

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