New features in Photosnack


Your beloved photo slideshow maker just got updated, and we think that you’re going to love the new features.

As you already know, we’re constantly trying to improve our tool. Last year we released the option to export your slideshows as .mp4 videos. Today we bring you more improvements, which are equally impressive. The new updates will help you make sophisticated looking slideshows.

What’s new

Introducing photo transitions

Now you can add gorgeous transition effects to enhance the look of your slideshow. We have added 11 professional photo transitions, ranging from subtle effects (Fade, Fadecolor, Directional wipe) to more noticeable ones (Pixelize, Ripple, Page flip). If you want to see a quick preview for these effects you can actually hover your mouse over each transition thumbnail. Another thing you can do is to test them directly on your slideshows. The default setting is the Fade transition.

Each transition is applied to all the photos in your slideshow, so you only have to choose once. We decided to do it this way, because it’s more classy and looks more professional.

If you want to have multiple photo transition effects in your slideshow, choose the Random transition (the very last one on the panel). It will generate a different effect after each photo. This can be really cool if you’re creating for a young-looking, playful photo slideshow.

These transitions will appear in your photo and your video slideshow.

New look for the editing area

We have started the software redesign with the editing area, mainly because we decided to integrate transitions in Photosnack.

All of the options and settings that you know and love are still there, though we have rearranged the workspace. On the left you have the Preview, where you can see all your settings being applied and updated on the slideshow, in real time. Just below it you have the customization options: background color, functionality, audio. On the right you have 4 different templates to choose from, and below them, you have the transitions that we already covered in the previous section.  

HTTPS, an extra layer of security for your content

Another great thing that is happening to Photosnack is HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is just one letter, but that “s” stands for security. An important thing to everybody who has an online account. This is why we added the secured protocol for all Photosnack pages, including your slideshows.

The benefits are encrypted information for sensitive data and faster speeds.  

How will it affect you?

Though it will not directly affect most of you in a visible way, know that your content is more secure than ever.

This is a summary of what’s new. We’re not going to share more details with you, because we want you to have a look around Photosnack to test these changes yourself. When you’re done, please come back and share your opinion with us.

What you say is very important for us and it will help us make decisions for future updates.


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